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Mission Statement

The mission of the Jones Public Policy Roundtable at the Jones Graduate School of Business is to provide a forum for students to explore the relationship between business, government and policy both domestically and internationally. The club works to cultivate thoughtful civic and business leaders who recognize a mutual responsibility for the societal effects of business and policy decisions on the community.

Activities and Events

  • Full access to the James A. Baker Institute for Public Policy Young Professionals Roundtable events
  • Members-Only events with Baker Institute Leadership and Fellows as well as external speakers
  • Monthly Newsletter/Announcements of local events on campus and in Houston Area
  • Partnerships on events and conferences with other Clubs at the Jones School and the Baker Institute
  • Social events focused around major policy events (i.e. State of the Union Addresses, Presidential Debates, Mid-term election cycles, etc.)

Further Information on Baker Institute Young Professionals Roundtable: