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The Rice Jones Graduate School of Business (JGSB) Operations & Supply Chain Club strives to reduce the distance between the academic and industry environment by connecting members with JGSB and industry resources and providing feedback from operations and supply chain experience.

How does Operations & Supply Chain Management fit into my career goals?

Operations & Supply Chain Functional Management Roles
• Functional roles directly working on operations and supply chain management
• Operations excellence roles: continuous improvement programs and Lean/Six-Sigma work

•  Internal: financial decision-making will be tightly integrated with operations performance
• External: investment decisions require an understanding of the company’s operations capabilities and also what financial measurement can be used to assess the company’s health

Management Consulting
• Significant market for operations consulting services; almost all top firms have operations practices
• IT consulting works heavily with operations and supply chain systems, which requires strong knowledge of the associated processes, metrics, etc.

Executive and Other Business Unit Management
• Your success will depend on effective operations, among other things