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Our Mission

To serve and represent our fellow, past and future students in the program; to be a united and unifying force; to be the force that betters the program and augments the student experience; to facilitate relationship building; to close the communication circle.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Rice Business Student Association for Professionals is to shape the program's future by advocating for the rights and interests of the student body.

  • Create an atmosphere at the Rice Business conducive to fellowship and camaraderie that will promote interaction between and among students and between students and the academic, business, and alumni communities.
  • Represent MBA Professional students before the administration, faculty, and staff on any and all issues deemed to be important.
  • Act as a liaison between students and the administration, faculty, and staff, fostering communication and open exchange of thoughts, concerns, suggestions, and ideas.
  • Increase transparency and accountability in administrative decision-making.
  • Raise student awareness of policies, procedures, and opportunities.
  • Bring student interests to the forefront of program development decisions.
  • Encourage and support student participation in program activities.