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The Entrepreneurship Association is dedicated to fostering the innovative entrepreneurial spirit and vision in the Jones School community. Our members have interests in many different areas of new venture creation, from founding or managing a start-up to investing, advising, or serving as a corporate partner. We feel that learning to build and grow sustainable ventures is a crucial aspect of one’s business education, and we strive to provide our members with a lifelong learning and support network to minimize risk and maximize success.

To these ends, the association offers numerous opportunities for involvement. These include:

  • Guest lectures on entrepreneurial topics such as: developing a business plan, raising capital, industry specific entrepreneurship, sales and intellectual property
  • Panel events offering valuable insights from entrepreneurs and venture capitalists
  • Visits to successful local start-ups and technology incubators
  • Networking events with local, national, and international entrepreneurial organizations
  • Membership and participation in the JGSEO (Jones School alumni entrepreneurship organization)
  • The Ignite Entrepreneurship Conference
  • Participation in the annual Venture Capital Investment Competition
  • Direct involvement in administering the Rice Business Plan Competition, the largest and richest in the world

Through these activities, we offer our members valuable insight from industry and thought leaders in venture capitalism, angel investment, young entrepreneurship and innovative and independent thinking. We structure our events to appeal to both full time and professional MBA students and embrace both career changers and career enhancers.

The future belongs to those with vision and passion. In our quickly changing environment, innovation and leadership are needed more than ever and the Entrepreneurship Association is here to provide our members with the resources and support to achieve their goals.