Consulting Association

at Rice University


About Us

The Consulting Association at the Rice University - Jones Graduate School of Business averages over 100 student memberships during a typical year which makes it one of the most popular student associations at the business school. The aim of this association is to serve as an intermediary between the school and industry and in the process, elucidate the consulting recruiting process. 

In a typical semester, we organize a variety of events that are designed to educate JGSB students about the recruitment process, career opportunities within consulting, and provide resources that help prepare for consulting interviews. Along the way, we also work with students to hone interviewing skills (case + behavioral) by working with them via coaching and leverage our alumni and personal experiences to provide the most accurate portrayal of consulting recruiting.









Why join the Consulting Association?

As a member of the Consulting Association, you are entitled to:

  • Free access to all club events and live recordings (where applicable)
    • - Behavioral and Case Prep Workshops
    • - Speaker series with live case demonstrations
    • - Social Events
  • Access to club resources that include:
    • - Case Books
    • - Individual Coaching
    • - Training resources
  • Newsletters for events and relevant job postings

2020 - 2021 Officers

Brandon Johnson
Robert Hubbell
Zachary Foster
Dallin Scruggs
Tiffany Stott
Mariella De Alba Ortiz