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Thanks for visiting the Rice Business Veterans Association (RBVA) website. Learn more about the club below. Connect on LinkedIn to reach out to members and RBVA alumni directly. To stay updated on RBVA news, events and happenings via email, enter your name and email on our signup form.

For general information regarding veterans at the Rice Jones Graduate School of Business, please visit business.rice.edu/military.


The mission of the Rice Business Veterans Association (RBVA) is two-fold. First, we will provide assistance to veterans transitioning from military service to student life at Rice University. Second, we will uphold our commitment to service by partnering with other student organizations, Rice Alumni, and the Houston business community to participate and sponsor in philanthropic events that benefit charitable veteran and military organizations.


  1. Provide transition support, leadership guidance, resume advice, and networking opportunities to all veterans attending Rice University.
  2. Raise money for charitable veteran and military service organizations.
  3. Provide an opportunity for all Rice students to network with veterans in business and to participate in fund raising efforts that support charitable veteran organizations.
  4. Build a strong academic, professional, and personal support network amongst Rice alumni and the veteran community at Rice University.