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As members of the Rice community, we believe that by working together we can fulfill our overall objective of promoting the development of general management and strategy skills among Jones GSB students. We will bring students, faculty, and the business community together to increase overall industry knowledge, provide awareness of key issues, and outline potential careers in such fields as:

  • Business strategy — identify and respond to new business opportunities through developing growth and client strategies, assessing strategic mergers and acquisitions, and implementing optimal solutions.
  • Operations strategy — formulate operational models and strategies to deliver operational excellence, including process reengineering and product development.
  • Organizational change strategy — facilitate the implementation of new business models in an effort to improve operations and processes.
  • Technology strategy — align business priorities and leverage technologies to drive growth and operational excellence. Develop, acquire, and position intellectual property to increase business value.



The purpose of this organization shall be:

  1. to help students develop functional and managerial skills;
  2. to foster relationships with companies and facilitate knowledge in corporate management and strategy in order to expand students’ career opportunities;
  3. to provide guidance and support to members throughout the recruiting process with assistance with career advice, customer research, and interview prep;
  4. to provide a forum for students, faculty and industry to exchange leadership and management concepts;
  5. to engage the Rice and Houston community on issues surrounding strategic decision making;
  6. to provide opportunities for Rice students to learn and engage in discussions, speaker series, and panels that pertain to corporate management and strategy;