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The Rice Business Women's Organization is dedicated to empowering graduate women in business in order to propel more women into leadership positions in the corporate world and to enhance diversity in the workplace.

Rice Business Women achieves this goal through:

  • Organizing networking events with alumni, professional women, and local National Association of Women MBA (NAWMBA) chapter members
  • Planning the annual Women in Leadership Conference at the Jones School
  • Providing support through mentoring opportunities
  • Hosting events and workshops that empower our members
  • Raising awareness through community outreach

What's in it for you?

  • Internal Support System: building a network within your class and school.
  • External Support System: Access to female professional network within Houston
  • Women empowerment through WILC: opportunity to meet and hear from women leaders

Thank you for your interest in and support of our organization! We invite you to e-mail us at RiceBusinessWomensOrg@rice.edu  if you would like to stay connected and get more involved with Rice Business Women.