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Rice Business Student Statement of Values – IREP

As a member of the Rice Business family, I will uphold the core values of the Jones Graduate School of Business:


I REP Rice Business by acting with the utmost integrity at all times and in everything I do, on- campus and outside of the hedges. I recognize that my affiliation with Rice Business is enduring, and that integrity is the cornerstone of a successful career and organization.

I REP Rice Business by treating everyone with the utmost dignity and respect. I am kind to all and value people from diverse backgrounds and with diverse perspectives. I will debate while respecting those with whom I debate.

I REP Rice Business by striving for excellence. I recognize that my actions reflect on the Rice Business family, and I will endeavor to distinguish Rice Business as a superlative leader.

I REP Rice Business by displaying the utmost professionalism at all times. I am attentive and responsive to all with whom I work and lead. I will communicate in a professional manner with anyone with whom I interact. I will work collaboratively with my peers to find solutions and tackle challenges together.


Please email irep@rice.edu to nominate individuals who should be recognized for behavior and achievements consistent with IREP