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[Welcome Message from President and VPs]
Greetings, Class 2020! Welcome to our Global Business Club. Here, we will help you get exposed to global business and culture as much as possible! Our club will host events for recruting, information exchange, and of course, for FUN! And needless to mention that we will host the largest and the most amazing partio - International Partio (link) in every April, with food corners and dance performance by our fellow classmates!

Membership benefits are, but not limited to, (1) free or discount entry to our events; (2) guaranteed seats for hot events; (3) 5 dollar discount for those who enrolled in clubs: ABSA/RIABC/HBSA/BBSA/NAWMBA (Apply these clubs before applying Global Business Club, or feel free to email your concerns to py10@rice.edu.)

Event plan (tentative, partial):
    2018 Oct: Lunch with professor in UTH, on Data Mining in Health Care.
    2018 Nov: Lunch and learn
    2019 Feb: Global forum (co-host with ABSA)
    2019 Mar: Lunch and learn
    2019 Apr: International Partio

Want to be our first-year officer?
Write me an
one-page LOI (sample here) to py10@rice.edu. No deadline, but asap when you are ready! Share your passion and ambition. We are considering using help of two of Class 2020.

          - Peng Yang, Warren Keyes, Rachel Zhang (Class 2019)

[Club Info]
The Rice MBA Global Business Club is a social and professional community for students to enhance awareness and develop skills in global business issues. Our events include the International Partio, guest-speaker panels, and social and cultural networking events. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities; however they have a common interest in bringing international perspectives and skills to the Jones Graduate School of Business.

International Partio, 2014 from Scott Ellison Arts on Vimeo.
International Partio is an annual tradition for graduate students at the Jones School of Business. This video is an overview of the event, which took place on Thursday, April 3rd, 2014, at Rice University.


The Global Business Club's mission is to promote and create an environment for Rice MBA students to understand international business and take part in this necessary global experience through social networking events.

We promote cultural diversity and understanding through the largest Partio on campus, and deliver networking events with internationally experienced speaker panels. These activities are in line with the Global Business Club’s objectives as follows:

  • Educate the Rice community on diverse international business practices and culture
  • Further career prospects for Rice MBA students and increase networking opportunities
  • Increase awareness of work opportunities in foreign countries