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CleanTech is a wide-spanning field that permeates countless industries seeking to negate their environmental impact. With companies, institutions, governments, and sources of capital leaning into CleanTech, the CleanTech Association will catalyze Rice Business to be a leader at the forefront of the change. With this focus, the Association will serve to educate students on the clean technology landscape, forge pathways to CleanTech careers, and create MBAs uniquely skilled to meet the environmental challenges of the industrialized world.

Membership Benefits

Whether you’re passionate about environmental sustainability, curious to learn about the technologies, or want to understand the business environment of CleanTech – this club is for you!

We’re excited to provide a variety of professional and educational events in addition to fun, social ones that allow our members to dive into everything CleanTech. As a member, you can also tap into our internal and external networks of professionals active in the space. Periodically we send out information on conferences, events, content, and job postings relevant to CleanTech. And of course, there will be swag.

As one of the “younger” Associations, the leadership board has transformed every year, adding new positions as the club grows. This creates great opportunity for those who want to get involved.


  • Lunch & Learn, Panel, and Watch Party Events with Notable CleanTech Industry Leaders

  • Students / Alumni in CleanTech Careers Panel

  • Collaborations with Local CleanTech Accelerators / Incubators and Organizations (e.g. Greentown Labs, Rice Alliance, Renewable Energy Alliance Houston)

  • Networking Events with CleanTech Companies

  • CleanTech Association Socials

  • Support the Rice Business CleanTech Case Competition

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