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The Asian Business Student Association (ABSA) aims to unite JGSB students from an Asian descent, or interested in Asian culture and business perspectives under a common organization. ABSA strives to promote social integration among all cultures within the JGSB community and empower Asians to succeed in the modern business world. Members will have opportunities to showcase their leadership, entrepreneurship, and managerial expertise to benefit Jones Business School as a whole. In Addition, ABSA provide Jones community with a channel to share knowledge about Asian, explore career opportunities in Asian, and support long-term relationships among members and Asian business leaders.

To these ends, the association offers members numerous opportunities for involvemenl and benefits which include but not limited to:

  • Lunch & Learn and Happy Hour with 2nd Year Members.
  • India and China Jones Edge educational panels.
  • Educational lunches about different Asian cuisines.
  • "Transition to Houston" workshop.
  • Trips to cultural festivals.
  • Asian Global Field Experience (with School Credit).
  • Partnerships with other student organizations.
  • Club swag.
Through these activities, ABSA establishs learning and networking opportunities within Asian community in Houston and beyond.

Membership Options:
One-Year Membership: $59
Two-Year Membership: $89